A Three Year Plan for Age Group Triathlon Excellence

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Three Year Plan for Triathlon ExcellenceThere’s a big difference between getting faster today and becoming a better triathlete. This is why we have created the Endurance Nation Three Year Plan for Triathlon Excellence; a resource our Members can use to navigate your way across multiple seasons. See below for information on how you can get your own copy.

But, of course spending the money to get faster today is really exciting, sexy stuff.

You can buy your way to faster race day results with equipment or through training camps or even to a high-dollar coach.

But it’s not enough.

We compete in a sport where the average participant can buy all the same equipment the elites can.

Just walk through the transition at any Ironman® or 70.3® race. $5,000 frames, race wheels, power meters….the technology is all around. To the uninitiated spectator, everyone looks professional.

Demographically speaking, there is no substantive “cash” advantage in Age Group triathlon. 

That leaves genetics, training and race execution then, as differentiating factors.

We can take out genetics, for the most part, as the duration of our events means that genetic gifts typically mean being lighter, smaller or at least very durable.

So we are down to training and race execution.

As the creators of the Four Keys Race Execution System, we have already solved the second half of this problem…but years of coaching and thousands of athletes have shown that there’s still glaring inconsistencies on how triathletes can get better.

Triathletes today are simply overwhelmed with information. From websites to magazines to newsletters, there’s an almost daily barrage of tips promising the next greatest workout, or the best way to get to Kona on a six-week plan, etc.

But excellence isn’t just what to buy. Or how to train. Or what race to pick. It’s doing all the right things…in the right order.

For example:

  • Buying a Computrainer might help you, but it’s less useful if you don’t already have a powermeter that you can use on the open road and on race day.
  • Racing multiple Ironman® events in your early years might sound good, but not if you keep making the same execution mistakes over, and over, and…

Inside Endurance Nation, our mission is to make you smarter and faster. Your physical ability will be limited by the decisions you make; as your coaches it’s our job to make sure that you make the decisions you can, in the order they should be made, all progressing towards you achieving your best performance.

We are pleased to introduce the Endurance Nation Three Year Plan, a macro-level approach to charting a course to achieving your best. Of course we are working on a detailed version of the plan for TeamEN Members only, but for now you can make the most of this seven-page resource!



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