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Need to Adjust Your Membership Levels? Learn More...

One of the best parts of being an Endurance Nation member is that you can adjust your membership whenever you want. 👍

You aren’t locked into a contract. There’s no pre-payment. You simply just pay for what you need.

‼️ Need to Adjust Your Membership Due to the Pandemic? Click Here ‼️


You can get information on upgrading from PlanEN to TeamEN here, or from TeamEN to CoachEN here.

Why Consider Downgrading?

  • You might be entering a downtime in your season, and don’t want the additional assistance of a Coach or your Teammates.
  • You might have a job change or financial situation where you need to turn things down.
  • You might be transitioning to a sport where you are more confident in your abilities to self-coach.

Your Downgrade Options

  • You can move from CoachEN to TeamEN…eliminating the 1:1 coach contact and support but keeping the entire EN experience and community.
  • You can move from TeamEN to PlanEN…eliminating the community forums and chat groups, but maintaining your access to our plans, resources and CoachP (via Final Surge inbox).
  • You can move to Maintenance Mode…to hold on to your EN membership until you are ready to come back. The cost is $15/mo. If you cancel and return, you will have to pay the $100 set up fee that all New Members pay.
  • See the Downgrading FAQs below.

COVID-19 Financial Break

  • Financial Changes Due to COVID-19 Pandemic? We know that millions of people around the world are being financially impacted by the pandemic and the economic fallout. Endurance Nation can help you by reducing your membership to just $1/month for two months. We know you are in it for the long haul. We want you to stay engaged, keep training with EN through this period and for many years to come.  To request this option, use the red chat button  below or email us.

Injury Time Out

  • Are You Injured? We get it, this stuff happens! Our goal is to support you while you focus on recovery and rehab. You can stay on the Team using our Injury Time Out option – pay just $1 / month for two months. You’ll get support from others who have overcome the same issue, accountability to stay on track with physical therapy and self care, and access to Coach Patrick as soon as you are ready to train again! To request this option, use the red chat button  below or email us.

FAQs on Downgrading

  • Your payments will be pro-rated…a lower cost means you’ll get money back or more time, depending on when you make the change.
  • You can still return to your prior level of service whenever you want. No worries.
  • If you downgrade to PlanEN, you will lose access to the Forums and Coach Forum Access.
  • You will still have access to our sponsor discounts and Team-only events.

How is Downgrading Different from Canceling My Account?

Cancelling means you lose all Endurance Nation privileges, including the right to retain current membership pricing and avoid the $100 set up fee when you return.

Your membership will remain active until the end of your current payment cycle (we don’t process a refund for the remaining days of membership).

We’ll still talk to you…we just won’t see each other as much anymore. ????