Endurance Nation Kickstart Charity Update: March 2011

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It’s that time again, when we get to report on the data that really matters. Forget about w/kg, vDOT, or your LTHR…let’s talk about giving real money to organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others and improving the quality of life for us all.

Every month in 2011, Endurance Nation has pledged to award member or training plan athletes who are racing to raise money for a particular charity.  So far in 2011 we’ve donated $4250 to our athletes’ charities of choice. Our 2011 annual commitment is $24,000 — a lot in some ways, but not enough in others.

Please review the organization below and the amazing athlete that supports them. If you have the time and the means, we’d appreciate you continuing what these he has started by adding a contribution via his individual donation page.

March 2011 KickStart Recipients

Michael Byerts, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (Help Michael make a difference here.)

“Selling a charity whose mission is to provide health care to critically ill children is easy.  I picked CHLA because several of my best triathlon friends are either former patients, employees or associated with CHLA.  About six months after I first started doing triathlons, I met Max Miller and Brian Melekian, who both race for Children’s Hospital (and serve as the volunteer coaches for the team).  They were both very welcoming, willing to answer the ream of questions I had.  I have gotten to know them over the last couple of years.  Their passion for both triathlon and CHLA is palpable.  Both of them have a connection to CHLA.  When Brian was 13, he was diagnosed with cancer and was a patient at CHLA.  Max’s mother in law, and several friends work at CHLA as doctors, nurses or dieticians.  In both 2009 and 2010, Max personally raised more than $10,000 for CHLA in connection with the Malibu Triathlon.  So, CHLA matters to me because they saved the life of my friend when he was a kid and they employ a number of friends I have met through triathlon.


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