Endurance Nation Charity Kickstart Update: May 2011

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It’s that time again, when we get to report on the data that really matters. Forget about w/kg, vDOT, or your LTHR…let’s talk about giving real money to organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others and improving the quality of life for us all.

Every month in 2011, Endurance Nation has pledged to award member or training plan athletes who are racing to raise money for a particular charity.  So far in 2011 we’ve donated almost $6000 to our athletes’ charities of choice. Our 2011 annual commitment is $24,000 — a lot in some ways, but not enough in others.

Please review the organization below and the amazing athlete that supports them. If you have the time and the means, we’d appreciate you continuing what these he has started by adding a contribution via their individual donation page.


John Mclean, Athletes for a Cure (Help John make a difference here.)

“I have always been impressed by those people who do a marathon or triathlon for a cause, because I do them for fun. It impresses me because they share their personal satisfaction of completing a goal with a cause that means something to them. I usually just donate to the causes that mean something to me; I finally have taken a personal step to help this organization by using my hobby as a chance to raise money for a cause. I am an Engineer and I work for a Medical Technology Company trying going through clinical trials with a new treatment for prostate cancer. Since I’ve been doing this I spend my days working with men with prostate cancer. Every time I meet another one of these guys I realize how lucky I am by not having a family history of this disease(which reduces my chances), but for those who get diagnosed it typically rock’s them to the core. Everyone knows about Breast Cancer because it has been in the spot light of the media for years, but what most people don’t know is there are just as many prostate cancer diagnoses every year as there are breast cancer. Athletes for a Cure raises money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), and the PCF is an organization dedicated to researching for a cure and educating patients who have been diagnosed.”

Brad Loescher, PAWS Chicago (Help Brad make a difference here.)

“This is a great organization that is pursing a Chicago where no pets will be killed because they are homeless.  PAWS operates both an adoption center and spay/neuter clinic along with an outreach program to help educate children and teenagers compassion and caring for pets.”

Bryan Reece, Blazeman Foundation for ALS (Help Bryan make a difference here.)

“When I first watched Jon Blais race Kona I was blown away.  Then I got to know more about him through media and podcasts.  I was amazed.  I was also very impressed by the guy in 2006 that did Kona in Jon’s honor – watching Jon get out of his wheelchair to congratulate the guy absolutely slayed me.  This was before I had ever done a sprint.  Jon was a great inspiration.

Then, near the end of last year, I discovered a co-worker’s son has ALS.  Lyman, at 39 years old, is still battling the disease.  He has defied the odds and has lived longer than any doctor thought possible.

This year, I am dedicating Arizonato Lyman – to raise money in his honor to try to defeat this disease.  From the time Lou Gehrig stood in Yankee Stadium and proclaimed “I am the luckiest man in the world”, the treatment and the outcome for this disease has not changed.

I want to do my part.  Watch me roll across the finish line in Arizona November 20, 2011.


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