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This is an open challenge for July 2021 that is open to everyone — on the Team or not on the Team, so dial in. You have zero excuses!

This is the action phase of our Personal Endurance System Project, where we teach you how to improve fundamental elements of your training and racing behaviors. Learn more and download the PDF with example habits you can work on starting today. 

The goal here is to help you build a new set of skills and routines that make you a better athlete. For good.

Improvement isn’t about being stronger, faster, or younger. It’s about being smarter.
Capture those lessons learned and bake them into how you roll on a daily basis.
The more you can automate, the more you can spend your mental and physical energy on areas that really need your attention. 
You ready?

How It Works

Step 1: Get the PDF online here. Pick a habit to work on.
Step 2: Commit to the challenge (and enter to win) by using this form.
Step 3: Make a public commitment to the change with a post on Facebook (@endurancenation) or Instagram (@teamendurancenation) detailing what you’ll be working on, and why.
Note: Be sure to tag us (See step 3) so we can follow your progress.

Step 4: We’ll follow up with you via email by the last weekend of July (31st/1st) is your deadline to give us a report back on your success and the impact it has made on your endurance lifestyle.

You Get Accountability and a Chance to Win Swag

Everyone who starts by Monday 7/12 with a social media post + DM will get one entry to our raffle. Complete the challenge with an update at the end of the month for a second entry.
The first week of August three lucky winners will be chosen to receive rewards from our sponsors and partners. Good stuff.
If you have any questions, reply to this post and we’ll do our best to answer you!

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