[CASE STUDY] Matt Aaronson (M 35-39)

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Matt Aaronson
[box]This post is part of our regular Case Study series, where we highlight some of the great people that are a part of Team Endurance Nation. Our members are all ages, all abilities…and they are all awesome! We hope you enjoy learning about us. Feel free to surf the blog and Become a Team Member to explore the Team yourself![/box] Your Name: Matt Aaronson

Your Age Group: M 35-39

City, State, Country: Chicago, IL, USA

Your Local Tri Team:  n/a

Years of Triathlon: 5

What is Your Team Endurance Nation Age?  Year 4

What EN Category Are You? Veteran (multiple years racing!)

What Do You Do in the Real World? Management consultant

Your Athletic History Pre-Triathlon:  None. Literally none. In 2009 I was 5’5″ and 205lb.

Why Did You Choose Endurance Nation?  I found EN during an on-line search. The philosophy of high ROI training that is compatible with a busy career and family was appealing at the time I joined. Also I really like the emphasis on focusing on execution to get the most out of your fitness.

Your Results with Endurance Nation:

– Lost 70lb and am now ~135lb
– Learned a ton and have developed substantially self-coaching skill
– Finished my first half-ironman and qualified for the World Championships
– Did the half-ironman World Championships twice (and qualified 4 times)
– Achieved a 4:28 half-ironman PR
– Achieved a 2:12 bike split PR and 1:29 run split PR
– Ran my first open marathon and qualified for Boston
– Achieved a 2:53 marathon PR

What do you tell folks when they ask you about Endurance Nation?  All athletes welcome and will feel accepted.

What race(s) are you targeting next? ITU Long Course World Championships, 2015 and Ironman Wisconsin, 2015

** Fun Questions **

If you could invent any piece of triathlon gear, what would it be?  HR sensor for swimming that could get recorded by a Garmin watch. 

What is the one piece of triathlon gear you swore you’d never get that you now use?  I never say never!

What’s Your Tri Food Preference — Liquid/Gel or Solid/Bar?  Liquid / Gel


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