TOC Camp Stage 7: LA Time Trial

150 150 Rich Strauss

Jens, the patron saint of Work WORKS!!

Theme of the Day: We can rest…FINALLY!!!

Summary: We sleep in, pack the bikes, watch the TT downtown and take WAY too many pictures of pro’s and sweet bikes!

The Full Run Down
6 days, over 25hrs, and nearly 400 miles of riding and we are DONE!! Time to rest and watch the pro’s take on the mean streets of Los Angeles for the time trial stage!

Though he has the day off, Riley assumes his post as Camp Mascot

Sonny tries to stowaway in a camper bike box

A Schleck, in need of a sammich


George warms up

Mo' Jens is always Mo' Betta'

Chrissie sighting, after her TT on the course before the race

Camper Chris (HED hat) scores a spot IN the start house!

Trent scores a spot ON the TT announcer's platform!

Chris Horner

The Laydeez compare pro tour boyfriend pics over beers at the Yardhouse

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