Wisconsin and Louisville Training Camps — Only $99

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Are you racing Louisville or Ironman® Wisconsin this year?

Interested in racing these events in the future?

A full or half Ironman® athlete in the area interested in learning how to race Ironman® in general and these courses in particular?

Join Coach Rich Strauss of Endurance for 3 days of training and race execution instruction on the Louisville and Wisconsin courses! Endurance Nation’s Four Keys of Race Executionracing strategies have been used by tens of thousands of Ironman® finishers and Kona qualifiers! Coach Rich is an 8x Ironman® finisher, including Kona, with a PR of 10:02. He’s been coaching the Iron distance exclusively since 2001.

Louisville Triathlon Rally, July 12-15th: $99 — Registration is closed

This is Rich’s second camp on the IMLou course. Endurance Nation has fielded 25-30 athletes in the event every year since 2008 and in the process have developed a suite of tools around preparing our athletes to race in the heat.

Ironman® Wisconsin Triathlon Rally, July 26-29th: $99

Rich has raced Wisconsin three times, with a PR of 10:05. He’s conducted 7 training camps on the course, attended by 75 athletes in 2010 and over 120 in 2011. Rich has coached several hundred Wisconsin finishers over the years and, in short, knows IMWI, widely regarded as the most challenging bike course on the US Ironman® circuit, front to back, inside and out.

Camp Schedule:

  • Thursday: Four Keys of Ironman® Execution, with course specific tips and strategies. Rich will show you how to race every inch of these events!
  • Friday: 112 / 4-6 mile race rehearsal brick — your opportunity to implement Friday’s guidance. PM — post rehearsal de-brief and Advanced Ironman® Racing Topics — bike fit, set up, gearing, hydration and nutrition strategies, and much more!
  • Saturday: repeat of all or most of Friday rehearsal, further refining your race day plan. PM Discussion — Introduction to Endurance Nation and Ironman® Training for Age Group Athletes. Camp dinner
  • Sunday: transition walk thru and long run on the course. Camp ends.

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