Don’t Leave Your Next Race to Chance!

You’ve trained months and months for your big day. You’ve built a big fitness vehicle. You are full of adrenaline and energy! BOOM, the gun goes off and “I’m crazy fit! I’ve got this, right?!?!” goes through your mind.  YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG!

“Just wanted to thank you for an awesome race camp! It was my first real immersion into EN and it did not disappoint. I’ve learned more from EN and camp in the past few months than I have in years of just trying to figure out IM training and racing. Love it! Thanks for all the course scouting, all the great classroom and training sessions, and your good humor.”
~ Lake Tahoe Camper

140.6 miles is too big of a problem for anyone to solve with fitness alone.

Triathlons of any distance aren’t about racing to prove your fitness. A successful race is created by how you choose to drive that fitness vehicle around the course.

Endurance Nation has had over 1,000 long course triathlon finishers per year — every year — since 2010. These athletes include podium finishers, Kona qualifiers, and every day “average” triathletes setting massive personal bests.

We have developed a host of proven race execution processes and strategies covering everything from racing with power, pace, heart rate, race day nutrition and hydration, bike setup, high return on investment aerodynamic improvement opportunities, faster and more efficient transitions, and much, much more.

2013 Wisconsin Training Camp

2013 EN Wisconsin training camp about to set off on Sunday run of the course.

The intent of these Long Course Race Execution Camps is to teach you these processes on the venue of a challenging course, and then provide separate breakout sessions to drill down these processes to the specifics of other Ironman courses.

  • Are you a Northeast athlete racing Ironman Lake Placid? 
    Attend the Lake Placid camp to learn from both Coach Rich and Coach Patrick how to execute any long course triathlon. Then receive a detailed and intimate breakdown of the Ironman Lake Placid course from Coach Patrick, a 3x Kona qualifier ON the Placid course, where’s he’s also conducted more than a dozen training camps.
  • Are you a Southeast athlete racing Ironman Louisville?
    Attend the Chattanooga camp and learn the race execution processes that have created thousands of successful long course triathlon finishers. Then receive a detailed breakdown of the Ironman Louisville course from Coach Patrick, a 7x Kona qualifier.
  • Are you a Southwest athlete racing any event after July 2016?
    Attend the Monrovia camp, in Coach Rich’s backyard. Then receive a detailed breakdown of YOUR event from Coach Rich.

2016 to 2017 EN Long Course Race Execution Camp Schedule

    • Northeast Regional Camp: Lake Placid, NY, June 15th to 18th, 2017, with Coach Patrick
      • Status: Two Slots Left! 


    • Southwest Regional Camp, on the Ironman Santa Rosa Course: Santa Rosa, CA, June 22nd to 25th, 2017, with Coach Rich
      • Status: CLOSED


  • Southeast Regional Camp: Chattanooga, TN August 3rd to 6th, 2017, with Coach Rich 
    • Status: CLOSED

Coaches Qualify For Kona

Our Qualifications

Rich and Patrick have coached thousands of long course athletes since 2001. Endurance Nation has had over 1,000 long course triathlon finishes each year since 2010.

They are very experienced long course triathletes themselves with 30 personal finishes between them at Ironman Texas, Ironman Coeur d’Alene, Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman Ironman Florida, Ironman Arizona, Ironman Austria, Ironman Mont Tremblant, and including seven finishes at the Ironman World Championships.

Finally, they’ve conducted over 20 training camps on the Lake Placid and Wisconsin courses alone.

Their Four Keys of Long Course Triathlon Execution DVD is the only race execution message in the long course triathlon space. Thousands have used the DVD and thousands more have attended our FREE Four Keys pre-race talks to race to PR-smashing performances.

>> You can watch the full-length Four Keys of Race Execution DVD online here.

You will not find too more experienced long course triathlon coaches with such a well dialed-in race execution process in the triathlon space. They will teach you how to race every inch of YOUR next triathlon, bringing you several years — and wasted races — up the learning curve.

Attendees of our training camps regularly set massive PRs, as a result of the course-specific knowledge and tips they’ve learned under the direct instruction of Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann, coaches and founders of Endurance Nation, the 2013 and 2014 Ironman® Tri Club Division I World Champions.

Endurance Nation Long Course Race Execution Camp Itinerary:

Every training camp includes 5-6 hours of instruction and three solid days of  training:

  • Thursday: Four Keys of Long Course Execution and Detailed Race Execution Strategies. You’ll learn our insider tips on how to race any long course triathlon, and then apply this guidance on Friday.

  • Friday: AM – Race Rehearsal #1, as 110-112 mile bike, followed by a 45-60’ run, executed with the strategies and tips you learned in the Thursday evening session. PM – the coaches will debrief the race rehearsal, provide additional course-specific tips, and answer questions. They’ll then cover advanced racing topics – bike fit, bike setup, gearing, equipment, swim, bike and run pacing, racing  with power, and much more.

  • Saturday: AM – Race Rehearsal #2. PM – Debrief #2, and then the coaches will deliver a (1) a comprehensive for plan for the last five weeks of your training, through race day, and (2) a detailed minute-by-minute walk through of race day — strategies to employ, troubleshooting tips and more. Finally, we end with a camp dinner, included in the camp price.

  • Sunday: Long run on the run course, camp ends.

  • All camp sessions are video taped and made available for download by camp attendees after the camp.

Each Camp Includes:

  • All instruction and training sessions.
  • Endurance Nation T-shirt.
  • Camp dinner.
  • Safety and limited mechanical support on the bike course.

As of January 1st, 2015 Lodging IS NOW included in the cost of the camp

. Please see camp registration page for host hotel and lodging information.

Refund Policy — PLEASE READ!!

Camp registration is 100% refundable until 120 days prior to camp start.

From 120 days to 60 days, registration is 50% refundable.

We can’t offer any refunds within the final 60 days.

(Slots can be transferred to another person, however!)

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