2015 Endurance Nation Tour of California, Stage 2: Nevada City to Lodi

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Stage 2: Nevada City to Lodi

Another day for the sprinters (sorta) with the Tour working it’s way south on the shoulders of the Sierra Nevada mtn range. While the elevation was a net downhill, we still managed over 5.7k gain for the day.


My plan for the day was to have the B group leave about 30′ ahead of the A-group. Each group would ride the course, likely coming together somewhere, with us pulling the camp off the course at Hwy 16. From there we would shoot straight east to our next destination in San Jose.

B-Group assembled and ready to go.


The B-Group, from left to right:

  • Scott Dinhoffer
  • Steph Stevens
  • Bill Truax: Pasadena Tri Club local whose been on every single ToC camp!
  • Michele Morena: former EN member and former member of Coach Rich’s Madison Townie Squad (Madison locals I hook up with a couple times a year when I pass through for my camp and the race). She and her BF Jonnie D (my admin cyclist for the camp) recently moved to Reno.
  • Lynda Neuman: Bill’s wife and ENToC OG. She’s also about the hardest woman I know — 61yo and just gets it done, almost never in the van. A machine!
  • Al Truscott: great to finally get to ride with Al!


A-Group regroup and picture after a “natural break.”


Me taking the “totally random, end of the bridge sprint” somewhere 


For me, today was punctuated by an incredible variety of scenery and terrain. For months I had been so wrapped up in planning and organizing the logistics of the camp that I had forgotten to remember just how epic the riding was. Now, on the second day with the camp neatly broken into two groups who had demonstrated an ability on Day 2 to work together well, I was able to sit back a bit and enjoy the ride. We had done some or most of these roads in past tours so it was great to introduce this area to the campers.

The groups came together around Clarksville, I think, and a quick check of the profile showed it was all downhill to Hwy 16 to make for an easy ride to vans…right? Wrong! Rollers, all manner of winds, and more rollers. I went to the front for about 10-15 miles to just drive a very, very steady train to keep as many of us as possible on the train, so we could finish together.

Bike shot, before the “descent” from Clarksville



Leading the train, note the difference in facial expressions between me, Jeremy (2nd wheel, and Dino (3rd wheel.


**A Note on the Camp Pics**
Our other admin driver, Brendan Shannon is a good friend and former training partner of mine who recently left the corporate world to be a professional photographer. He has a create an album of incredible shots of the camp. Not many training camps staff their own professional photographer so I’m excited to work with Brendan on my future camps.

See Brendan’s ToC album on SmugMug here

Camp photo in the grass before hitting the road to San Jose


Stava file and stats

Strava stg2

Next: Stage 3, San Jose to San Jose, a MONSTER day of climbing!

Interested in attending the 2016 Endurance Nation Tour of California?
Rich is currently building out the details for 2016. When that is complete, he will offer registration to the 2015 campers, then TeamEN members, then the general public via an application process to ensure that all participants are up to the challenge of cycling nearly 500 miles in 6 days while being chased by the pro peleton!

Please email [email protected] to be placed on the application list.


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