2015 Blue Ridge Cycling Camp Day Four Recap: Sunday Riding with Todd

Coach P

Day Four Recap: Easy (44) Like Sunday Morning, Except for the Up Part

After three days of approximately 27,000 ft of gain, our minds and legs and lungs were calling out for something more “normal” — it took me several hours and much map-searching, but I was able to dial in this ride.

After some initial riding out of town with some climbs (nothing compared to the past few days!), we regrouped for a Team picture to capture the awesomeness of the camp and Team Endurance Nation.

Then we encountered some incredible flat sections that were right out of the picture books…I had to save them for posterity in this video:


All told this ride put me over 30,000 feet of climbing in four days. Or, as I like to think of it, six months of elevation I would have gotten by riding in my home state of Rhode Island!! Everyone agreed that this was the perfect end to the camp…it will surely be back next year!

A huge shout out to our many campers, brave, fearless and in a matter of few days, incredibly fit as well. We all pushed the limits of what we thought was possible…and were able to come back again the next day for more. Plus now we have a bunch of crazy cyclist friends for life!!!

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