2014 Endurance Nation Long Course Training Camps

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Train with the best on YOUR Ironman™ course

Texas Training Camp

You’ve trained months and months for your big day, building a big fitness vehicle. BOOM, the gun goes off and “I’m crazy fit! I’ve got this!” Right?


140.6 miles is too big of a problem for anyone to solve with fitness alone. Rather, Ironman® is about how you drive that fitness vehicle around the course via proven race execution processes.

It’s this perspective that sets Endurance Nation Ironman® Training Camps apart from all others:

You’ll learn every inch of your Ironman® course under the direction of the recognized world leaders in Ironman® race execution!

Our Qualifications

Rich and Patrick have coached thousands of Ironman® athletes since 2001. Endurance Nation has had over 1000 Ironman® finishes each year since 2010. Rich and Patrick have nearly 30 personal Ironman® finishes between them and they’ve conducted over 15 training camps on the Lake Placid and Wisconsin courses alone.

Their Four Keys of Race ExecutionDVD is the only race execution message in the Ironman® space. Thousands have used the DVD and thousands more have attended our FREE 4k pre-race talks, held at every US Ironman® since 2002, to race to PR-smashing performances.

In short, you will not find too more experienced Ironman® coaches with such a well dialed-in race execution process in the triathlon space. They will teach you how to race every inch of YOUR Ironman, bringing you several years — and wasted races — up the learning curve.

Endurance Nation Ironman® Training Camp Schedule:

Every training camp includes 5-6 hours of instruction and three solid days of course-specific training:

  • Thursday: Four Keys of Ironman® Execution. You’ll learn our insider tips on how to race your Ironman® course, and then apply this guidance on Friday.
  • Friday: AM – Race Rehearsal #1, as 110-112 mile bike, followed by a 45-60’ run, executed with the strategies and tips you learned in the Thursday evening session. PM – the coach will debrief the race rehearsal, provide additional course-specific tips, and answer questions. He’ll then cover advanced Ironman® racing topics – bike fit, bike setup, gearing, equipment, swim, bike and run pacing, racing Ironman® with power, and much more.
  • Saturday: AM – Race Rehearsal #2. PM – Debrief #2, and a continuation of race execution discussions, as well as a presentation on Ironman® Training for the Age Group Athlete. Camp dinner, included in the camp price.
  • Sunday: Long run on the run course, camp ends.


  • TeamEN Members: $249.00
  • NonMember, without Training Plan: $299.00 until 3/31/14, $349.00 thereafter.
  • NonMember, With 20-wk Ironman® Training Plan: $399.00 until 3/31/13, $499.00 thereafter.

2014 Individual Camp Details and Registration:



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