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Here is another weekly installment of updates from our Team members who use Twitter. If you’d like to be considered, be sure to write really cool or witty stuff and include the hashtag “#workworks” into your tweets! Go Nation, Go!

wsjinames: What a great day so far! Chris and I take 2nd at Pigman Half (teams) on the strength of his awesome run in the heat. #workworks more later

teamEN: ENFans — get the full 411 on all our Louisville events…hope to see you there! #workworks #ENFan

davambrose: Cool Breeze Century w/Coach Rich and gang is done. Nonstop hammer-fest. I chewed and spit out last 10miles. The no mercy gang. #workworks

GoLongTriathlon: Just wrapped 2 1/2 hour ride and 20 min run. All downhill from here to mile 130 of IM Canada–then the fun begins. #workworks

StarkJohnG: Just 5 weeks after accident, Tom Glynn heads out for OW swim. But EN Gangsta sign first. He hammered. #workworks

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