Weekly Race Report – 9/4/11

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Here is the official Endurance Nation results update for the week ending on 8/28/2011.

EN had a total of  7  athletes race in a wide variety of events with an almost 86% PR rate! Congratulations to everyone — you can read the full details below.

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Races on 9/3/11

Mayflower Tri

Carly Costanza PR’d in this sprint triathlon with a time of 1:08:57 and she was pleased as she said “2nd AG, finished the tri season with a PR.”

Lake George Triathlon

David Martin raced to a 2:40 finish in this Olympic distance tri.  The time was a new PR and David said “WOW!  Averaged 20.4MPH on bike on a hilly course followed by a hilly 10K averaging 7:38/mi.  Better than I expected.”

Jim Daley (photo at left) also PR’d with a time of 2:34:41.  He reported “An over 14 minute PR, thanks to EN.  Amazing improvement on the bike.  Looking forward to Outseason number 2!”

Races on 9/4/11

Powerman Zofingen 2011 Long Distance Dualthon World Championships

Casey Seabright (photo at right) finished the race in 8:59:54 for a new PR and said “I modified my EN IM FL training to accomodate this race and executed like it was an IM.   The race was very hilly (huge climbs)! 10K run/150K bike/30K run.  I was representing Team USA and had a blast thanks to the preparation. Thanks coaches.”  Members can ready a full race report here.

Hy-Vee 5150

Dan Gilliatt (photo at left) crossed the finish line in 2:21 for this Olympic distance tri. Of his experience he said “Had a great race.  Water temp “dropped” from 81 to 75 overnight and was wetsuit legal.    Qualified for the 2012 Hy-Vee AG Elite 5150 US Championship.  Was 8 in AG.  Had I raced the elite race (it went out before regular AGers) I would have been 5th in the AG….Sometimes the competition is in strange places.”

Races on 9/5/11

Avia Austin Tri

Brian Hovey raced to a PR with a finish time of 2:31:20 for this Olympic tri.  He reported “Great race in downtown Austin. This has been a very hot summer (breaking all records) but the temps dropped today so we have perfect race weather.  The training has helped quite a bit especially on my run speed coming off the bike.  I held a 7:09 pace for the 10k after coming in at 21.3mph on the bike.  Looking forward to October when I hope to PR at IM70.3® Austin.”

American Discovery Trail Half Marathon

Mike Davis ran this race for a 2:06:35 finish time and a new PR.  He said “5 minute negative split by listening to the advice put out there by the coaches and the team.”


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