Weekly Race Report – 8/21/11

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Here is the official Endurance Nation results update for the week ending on 8/21/2011 and a few stragglers from last week.

EN had a total of  16 athletes race in a variety of races with over a 62% PR rate! Congratulations to everyone — you can read the full details below.

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Races on 8/14/11

Steelhead 70.3

Shawn Thompson raced to a 4:51:38 PR and said “Swim cancelled so PR based on comparison of bike and run times. The race execution guidance provided was the difference. And of course WORK works!!!!”

Lisa McCauley also PR’d with a time 5:14 and reported on her race: “First race with power – I actually undershot my watts, possibly nervous to go as high as the spreadsheet told me to and I still had a PR on the bike on this course.  Ran much better off the bike than I ever have for this distance and had tons left at the finish – could have gone harder.  Work on that for the next race.  Definitely felt like I executed better than I ever have and that was thanks to the plan and reading all the race execution wiki info – thanks – also nutrition info was huge-  I followed it and had no stomach issues for the first time EVER!”

Thomas Idzikowski finished the race with a time of 4:48:14, a new PR for him.  Members can read his full race report here.  He also said “The coaches tapered me into a great run considering my leg cramps. I can’t thank them enough for getting me here. I can’t wait for my next HIM!”

Mountain Man

Julia Herrmann raced in this half-Ironman® and finished with a time of 5:57.  Of her race, she reported that “It was true for my last hilly half, and was true for this recent race at 7000ft (I live @ sea level and get altitude sickness): WORK WORKS!!  I was extremely happy with my times, as they were on par with times I’ve gotten at sea level.  The altitude did make things tougher, but only by a little bit.  I can totally see how my training prepared my body well for this race.  I am a VERY happy girl!!!”


Races on 8/20/11

USAT Age Group Nationals

Make Graffeo raced an Olympic distance tri here and earned a PR with a time of 2:16:53.  He stated “EN Short Course plan had me well prepared, and I executed to the best of my ability.  Awesome day at an awesome race!”

Shorline Dualthon

Pam Kassner raced her way to a 1:39:10 PR and said “Second place AG. 7th fastest girl bike. Been injured most of the summer so a nice boost for the confidence. Hope this is the start of an upswing.”


Races on 8/21/11

Abe’s Amble

Dave Barr ran this 10k and crossed the line in 47:44.  Of the race, he said “Wasn’t expecting very much due to all of the IM training but ran this race 3:14 quicker than a year ago and it is the fastest time I’ve ever had on this challenging course.  All of the EN work is paying off for more than just IM.”

Irongirl Columbia

Jen Jardeleza (photo at left) competed in a sprint tri and PR’d with a finish time of 1:55:09.  You can read her race report here.

Prairie Trail Off-Road Triathlon

Steve Dorris (photo at right) raced in this sprint tri and finished with a time of 1:48:46.  Of this experience he said “EN off road style!  First off road tri after 7 years of racing every distance from sprint to IM…great experience…definitely different!”

Timberman 70.3

Bob Turner finished his race in 4:59 and said “Was interested to see what effect Lake Placid ’11 would have on my race.  I felt it on the bike and run.  Could still go hard but was missing the “sharpness” I have come to expect.  Good day all the way around though.  Thanks EN!”

Carly Costanza PR’d with a time of 5:46:57.

Dottie Catlin (photo at left) also earned a new PR with a time of 5:49:58.  She reported of her race that it was “A great day! A nice PR and Chrissie gave me my medal. Couldn’t be better than that!!    WorkWorks! Great to see EN on the course. Good stuff RnP! Thank you!!”

Kim DuBord completed her first half-Ironman® with a finish time of 7:56.  The first-timer said “Completed Timberman as my first HIM yesterday.  I followed EN racing execution and had what I consider a great race. My 1/2 marathon time was only 11 mins. slower than my stand alone 1/2 marathon time so I think I did OK for my first HIM!  Thanks EN!”

Larry Pfeffer was another EN PR-er at Timberman with a final time of 6:49.

Nemo Brauch (photo at right) raced to a 6:05:38 finish and said “Fantastic weekend with Team EN at Timberman.  The EN jerseys were everywhere on the course and helped to keep my Mojo high!  Did the Sprint on Saturday and then the Half on Sunday.  While the Half was not a PR, it’s my fastest HIM run ever and considering it’s a very hilly course I am very pleased with the results.  Getting a hug and my medal from Chrissie Wellington at the finish line was pretty cool too!”

Trofeu Brazil de Triathlon

Juan Vergara competed in this sprint tri and crossed the finish line in 1:17.  He said “4th place in age group. Terrible weather conditions (9 degrees Celsius/48.2 degrees Farenheit), rainy and very windy.”



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