Weekly Race Report – 10/2/11

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Here is the official Endurance Nation results update for the week ending on 10/02/2011.

EN had a total of  7  athletes race in a variety of races with an 57% PR rate! Congratulations to everyone — you can read the full details below.

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Races on 10/1/11

SC Half Iron

Dewey Carpenter raced in this half Ironman® for a finishing time of 7:07:40.  Members can read his race report here.

Powerman Muncie Olympic Triathlon

Matt Ancona PR’d in this race with a time of 1:49:50.  His race report is available to all here.

Pinehurst International Triathlon

Dusty Holcomb (photo at left) raced in this Olympic distance tri for a time of 3:06:54 and a new PR.  He said “48 minute improvement over last years race!  top 20% bike split and my best run off the bike since I started racing!”

Races on 10/2/11

TC 10 Mile

Annie Stokes raced to a PR finish in 1:13:22 and said “I just joined EN, but feel that the 4wks of pre-OS speed on the run and bike was just enough to pull me out of my summer long speed rut, and gave me the turnover I needed to run to a 1 min PR!  Thanks TeamEN!!

Poconos 70.3

Scott Feder completed this tri in 4:56:19  and said “Swim was cancelled due to strong currents from heavy rains week prior.   My bike was one of my best on a relatively hilly course.  Lots of shorter steeps.  Allowed me to keep changing my body position and not fatique only one set of muscles.  Run was another story.  Still cant seem to put the bike run combination together to perform consistant with my bike.  Will be working on this in the off season.”

Mo’ Cowbell Half Marathon

Dave Barr PR’d in this road race with a finish time of 1:37:54.  Of the experience he said “Race was 3 weeks post Wisconsin and the work keeps on working.”

Half Full Triathlon

Brett Prince (photo at right) finished this half ironman distance tri in 5:59:03 and said “Half Full is a really well run race outside Baltimore, MD that measures 70.0 instead of 70.3® due to a 1500m swim.  The weather barely held out yesterday with no rain but unseasonably cold weather, topping out at 50 degrees, made the hilly ride a tough one.    I trained for the race using the OS (with marathon hack, thanks Patrick) and then the Intermediate HIM training plan (interupted by 3 trips to Europe and my wedding).  Overall, I’m happy with my performance.  My timing chip apparently wasn’t working, but my time should have been good enough for a 9th/22 place in my age group. The hills slowed me down considerably but I felt strong coming off the bike.  The run was a little slower than I would have liked, but again, I think the hills rather than my fitness hurt my pacing.”


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