Meet The Team: 2012 Canada

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Endurance Nation has 17 folks racing at Canada this Sunday.  All we have to say is Penticton is about to get a lesson in EN Ninja Race Execution!  Will be a blast to watch.

Meet a few of our team below.

Tim Gagne

2012 TeamEN Canada Race Captain

Hi all, my name is Tim Gagne and I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island located on the west coast of Canada. First and foremost, I am so thankful that I continue to be able to participate in this sport and especially long distance events. That said, I will be doing Canada for a 5th and final time as I look more towards destination races like LP, MT or something in Europe/Asia.

I have not missed an Canada in Penticton since 2002, if not racing then volunteering. My SAU benefactor is Sharon, we have been together since 1980 and she totally rocks when it comes to supporting my endeavours be it by training with me, doing events with me or volunteering (as she will be doing bike lot Sat and mile 8/19 aid station on the run Sunday).

Good luck to all EN peeps this weekend both here in Canada and in Louisville. And hope that all EN’rs and their families visiting the Okanagan for the first time have a fantastic time.

Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie Stevens, 44
I’m from Littleton, Colorado and this will be my 4th IM start and my 3rd IM finish!  I have been with EN for two years now and have learned so much.  More importantly, I have made some lifelong friends through EN and have had many opportunities that have made this triathlon business such a good time.  Training has been a little up and down for me this year with a knee injury, a DNF at IMSG, and a busy life outside of triathlon.  But I am really excited to hit the start line and give it all I can on Sunday.  I will be sharing the weekend with fellow EN-er Teri Cashmore, who was my college roommate and teammate and is my greatest Ironman® friend.  My husband, two teenage sons, and my parents will all be on the sidelines of this race.  It is the first time my Dad will get to see me race.  In my other life, I am a pediatrician and work has been so busy this year…but I think that is a good problem for me.  Excited to meet you all!  I will be sporting a red “Kompetitive Edge” tri suit on the course…a local tri shop that is sponsoring me, so look out for me anyway.  I’ll be looking for and needing some high-fives!

Ann Frost

I’m Ann Frost, a recent entrant into the W50-54 age group, racing my 6th IM (3rd time at IMC). Although I live in London, Ontario, I am originally from BC and I am fortunate to summer in Osoyoos every August. My husband and I take turns doing this race (he in 2007 and 2009, me in 2008 and 2011 – I got to double dip this year because of my birthday!) I will have cheer squad extraordinaire with me again – daughters Zoe (19) and Eden (16), son Owen (12), husband Tony, sister in law, brother in law, their two kids, and my mother in law. Look for them out there in their crazy shirts!

Steve Swanlund

I was hoping for a break out year in 2012, it hasn’t turned out that way. This spring I had my all time highest vdot and then suffered from a stress fracture and achilles tendinitis. So I got to stand down for 8 weeks. I had finally returned from that and had my all time highest bike power and my vdot was back where I wanted it, and decided to travel to Lake Tahoe to pre-ride the IM Tahoe course 4 weeks ago, during that ride I was hit from behind by a car traveling at 55 mph. The crash broke my left collarbone, right thumb, severe road rash and destroyed my bike. After three weeks of rest, I started to ride a stationary bike, in the fourth week I got back in the pool and did some slow swims, and then got in a few 6 mile runs. That was all the confirmation I needed. I WILL toe the line at IM Canada, albiet slower than expected. What should have been a 11:30:00 performance will now likely be a 14:00:00 accomplishment. But I am OK with that!

Arthur Chan

After 8 years and 15 marathons later, I’ve managed to injure myself enough to back off on the running and start cross training with swimming and cycling to maintain the same endorphin high. While I’m at it, I thought I’d do a few triathlons. So why not an Ironman? Canada will be my first. I’m a 38 year old San Francisco Bay Area native, and have done stints in the Seattle area and Hong Kong. I lived a past life in the technology consulting world and am currently self employed. I have a seven year old triathlete and a four year old soon-to-be triathlete.  Good luck to everyone.

Becky Heemeryck

My name is Becky Heemeryck. I am a 34 year old mother of two kids, ages 5 &7. I work part time as a Forester with the Alberta Government, and I love cooking- hence why I found triathlon! My husband Kris is not a triathlete, but he is incredibly supportive and only thinks I’m a little crazy!

IMCA 2012 will be my 2nd Ironman® race. I am looking forward to the Ironman® experience, and getting out there to see what all my hard work this year can do on race day. Good luck to everyone racing, see you out there!

Selina Humnycki

My name is Selina Humnycki, proud mom of 3 munchkins (Michael, 11, Katie 10 and Adam 6). This is my 2nd year racing IM’s – I did IMCdA and Canada last year, and am doing the same this year – I figure once I have the fitness built for CdA I may as well just roll on through to IMC I will also be making my 3rd trip to 70.3® Worlds just 2 weeks after Canada – nothin’ like a long catered training day right?!

With each IM I feel a little more of the puzzle fall into place. I have raced 70.3® to my potential, but not yet a full IM so I am hoping this will be the one where it all comes together for me – especially as my kids will be there for the very first time to see me at a full IM race. I want to do them proud and show them that with determination and work you can do anything you put your mind to. I’m working towards a sub 11:30 finish – hopefully closer to 11 (there – I said it – its out there now!)
Looking forward to a great day and wishing everyone the best out there!

Jenn Edwards

I’m Jenn Edwards.  I came to triathlon in 2006 and began an 80lb weigh loss journey.  Four years later I found myself at the start of Canada in 2010. I finished in about 13:10 and was thrilled to have run the entire way.  I joined EN shortly thereafter and improved my result in 2011 to about 12:20, this time thrilled with an EN powered bike split. This year my goal is to really nail the marathon… NO PEE BREAKS!  This will be the fourth year my husband Mark will work the swim course with our boat as a lead marshal.  I hope not to need him!

This photo is of me and my hubby at a sprint this summer.  I finished third overall and earned my first triathlon paycheck.  Woot!

Jane Hargraft

My name is Jane and I have been doing triathlons for about 5 years. I turn 50 this year. This is my first Ironman-distance triathlon. I have done two 70.3s (Muskoka and Calgary), 25 marathons (3 Bostons) and numerous 1/2 marathons, 10 and 5Ks over the last 20 years. I’ve been with EN for 2 years and my FTP on the bike has increased from 145W to 185W over two seasons. My goal for IMCA is to a) finish and b) execute my plan and be conservative. Finishing before dark would be nice, but frankly, anything under 15 hours will be good. My husband Elly also does Iron distance tris and he and our 9 year old Eleanor will be my support team! We’ve just moved to Seattle from Toronto and it’s great for training!


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