Meet The Team: 2012 Boston Marathon

Patriot’s Day is coming and you know what that means . . . . . time for the Boston Marathon!  TeamEN has several folks partaking in this historic event and all are on record pace to have a HUGE day next Monday.

Meet a few of the runners below.

Rob Tagher

Hi my name is Rob Tagher. I am 40 years old and am a pediatrician living in Northern Kentucky.  I am married and have 3 kids ages 7,9, and 10. I was talked into doing a Thanksgiving Day  race 6 years ago and became addicted to running. After a few marathons in the under 4-hour range, I thought about the possibility of improving my time enough to qualify for Boston. I was able to do so in the Las Vegas Marathon in December 2010 (my PR from that race is 3:14). I still consider myself mainly a long distance runner (I have one 50-mile trail ultramarathon under my belt in which I placed 6th) and not a triathloner. But since I do a lot of cross training for my running anyway, I thought I would see what this Ironman® thing is all about. After running Boston I will concentrate on using the EN strategy to improve my cycling skills and prepare for the Louisville Ironman® in August.

Dottie Catlin

Dottie Catlin has been a member of Team EN for over a year perfecting her race strategy and it’s working! Boston Marathon ’12 will be her 4th Boston and 6th marathon. She hopes it will be a nice start to the in-season, which includes Mooseman and Pumpkinman HIMs and Lake Placid and Arizona IMs. Dottie is married with three children, ages 6, 4 & 1. Go TEAM! Good luck with your execution strategies!!!

Jeremy Behler

Jeremy Behler – 35 years old from Cincinnati, OH.  This will be my first Boston, 3rd open marathon.  I was never a big runner (it’s still the least favorite of the three disciplines) but I managed a 35 minute PR and BQ in my second marathon (Indianapolis Monumental November, 2010) so here I am.  My goal for Boston is to have fun and take in the whole experience.  If I am able to run fast at the same time then even better.  I’ve always been so focused on race execution that I don’t pay much attention to my surroundings.  I understand Boston is an absolutely incredible, unique marathon experience and my intent is to come home with all the great memories.

Julie Pfeifle

Hi!  Julie Pfeifle here… first year with EN, I think 15th year doing triathlons, and probably 35th year running!  Yeah… been at it a long time!  Still loving it, especially shaking up the training this year with EN.  This will be my 2nd Boston, and a funny thing happened on the way to Boston this time!  I originally approached it as a “fun” race (yeah, weird sense of fun…), but as I ran hard this Outseason with EN, and the running felt great (and faster), I started to think… hmmm… I wonder if I could PR!!  So, thanks to EN, I’m now gunning for a PR, but am really happy just to be going too!

I’m 52, live in Pleasanton with hubby, 15 year old daughter, 3 dogs and a cat.  I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks considering and finally accepting a new job today (4/11) with analyzing their customer data to help them increase sales.  So… I’m really looking forward to getting away this weekend with good friends from the East Bay, meet some new EN friends, play in Boston, and go for a little 26.2 run!

Lisa Cheney

I am new to EN.  I have been a member since January.  This will be my 10th Boston Marathon and my 14th marathon overall.  I LOVE running BOSTON!  My favorite things about Boston: slapping the kids “5” because they hold their hand out to show their friends as if Lebron James just slapped them “5;” the people lined up the entire way cheering; Wellesley girls (nuff said); BC students (giving Wellesley a run for their money!); fist pumping to the people in the trolly around mile 23 (they cheer back!); the guy who runs with a beer can hanging off his hat in front of him (he does drink beer throughout the course and he will pass you!); drunk Red Sox Nation outside of Fenway after the game screaming their heads off!  I am racing Rev3 Quassy, IMLP, and potentially Pumpkinman.  Good luck Team EN!

Craig Harris

Hi there – I’m Craig Harris – I’m 40 and live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my awesome and very supportive wife and three kids. I’ve been with EN for 2.5 years now. After Canada 2010, I switched my focus back to (almost) exclusively running. Which is to say I swim about as much as I did when I was training for Ironman, but cycle less.

After a slightly disappointing marathon in Edmonton last Summer (which, fortunately, was still a BQ), I turned my attention to Boston – which has been my focus over the winter. This will be my 5th marathon and I’m planning to knock off two goals at once: PB and Sub-3.

I’m also better at running than I am at writing Bios.

Looking forward to celebrating Patriots’ Day with my neighbours to the south – especially my good buddy Sam Adams – good luck everyone!

Steve West

I am 54 and live in Orono Maine.  My day job has me doing mapping and analysis for 835,000 acres of timberland in Maine.  I ran my first race, a marathon, in 2004.  This will be my second Boston and my 18th marathon so far.  I have been an EN athlete since the fall of 2010.

Last year at Boston I was stupid and let my head get in my way and caused me to have one of the most difficult races to date.  I started too fast and pushed hard until I couldn’t.  By mile 16 I was on pace for an 8 minute PR that I knew I would never be able to make because my quads were shot and it was only a matter of time before the ‘wheels came off the bus’, and they did.

So, this year is all about execution.  Execution like an EN Ninja.  And if I do it right, have a good day, a 60 to 90 second PR is possible.  Not likely, but possible.

My motto is “Go until you stop.  If you’re not done, go some more”


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