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Louisville 2010: Quick Recap

Ironman Louisville 2010 was going to be hot. We all knew it heading into the morning, and my first step outside my condo confirmed it — Sunday was going to be a true test of execution, nutrition, and mental skills. By mid-morning the sun was in full effect and it was bearing down on the racers. Combined with the humidity, it was an evil 1-2 punch that didn’t go away until some clouds rolled in around 6pm. Riding had a slight cooling effect; but it wasn’t helpful as most folks didn’t realize just how hot it had become started running!

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Lake Placid 2010: Quick Recap

The 2010 edition of Ironman Lake Placid went off pretty much without a hitch. Weather reports all week suggested that it would be wet and pretty ugly. But the day actually turned out to be a pretty good day for racing. Still cool in the mornings with a couple quick showers, but the race kicked off under overcast skies with all reports pointing to a rough and pretty fast swim. People said it was brutal in the water. While the additional 800 people didn’t appear to show up so much in the photographs, they were definitely felt by the athletes in the water.

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