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How To: Adding A Last Minute Ironman to Your Season

We get really good questions every week from you, our loyal audience. Some are really personal, others are really crazy, but most are applicable to the greater tri space. Instead of emailing just you back, in true EN spirit we’ll be sharing some of our responses so the at-large triathlon community can benefit. After all,…

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The Ironman Tweak

I am often asked about the proper Ironman® Taper. In fact, I think I just saw another post about it on the USAT coaches listserv. People want to know how much to decrease their training, where to continue working to stay sharp, etc. And they want a formula, some kind of random Xhours times Yeffort…

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Nailing Your Long Course Race Triathlon Taper

With Ironman® USA around the corner, and customary race execution focus in full effect, it’s time to dig back into the EN archives for more info on tapering. We have one podcast for your listening pleasure…so back away from the ledge, put down that triple espresso and tune into what’s going on right now with…

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How to Taper with Intent

As the early big races of the season are approaching, it’s time to once again consider perhaps the hardest part of your training: the taper. While almost every triathlete has heard of tapering, very few actually get it right. This article has two goals: to help you understand your personal needs and cues for tapering based on your event, and to give you active steps you can take to implement your taper.

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