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Runners Have A Pace Problem

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Runners Have A Pace Problem Runners have a pacing problem. At first, tracking run workouts by pace and heart rate makes sense, until you breakdown the reasoning behind the metrics. The key to faster running might all come down to what metric runners are paying attention to.  For years run pace has been a critical…

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In-Between-isode Heart Rate as a Training Tool

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another “in-between-isode” podcast. This week Coach Patrick discusses the importance of using Heart Rate as a training tool as you move into the heat of Summer. Key Talking Points include: Winter vs Summer Training When Power/Pace…

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Stryd Powermeter

Running with Power, the Early Adopter Edition by Endurance Nation

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Overview One of the biggest new pieces of gear on the running market is the smallest thing you could imagine. About the size of a quarter, and even lighter, running power meters will transform how endurance athletes train and race. The only question is, how soon are you going to join the revolution? Like any…

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Five Keys of Triathlon Coaching, Part II: Lactate Threshold

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In Part I we introduced you to our Five Keys of Triathlon Coaching and discussed one through four. To review, the Five Keys of Triathlon Coaching are: Real World Volume Maximize Return on Time Invested Fitness = Ability to Perform More Work Intensity = Most Flexible Tool to Manipulate Training Load The Best Predictor of…

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