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Training and Racing the Aqua Bike

Once upon a time the Aquabike was something no triathlete wanted to do. It was an opportunity that race directors gave athletes who would become injured and still wanted to compete. Over time, this small niche has grown to become a very competitive aspect of the triathlon world. There are many events across the country where you…

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2014 Triathlon Training Plan Sale: September 2013

[box]Save $100 to $150 thru 9/30/2013![/box] Endurance Nation is very pleased to release our 2014 Triathlon Training Plans. We made some significant edits from the 2012 editions, including the creation of a new “Short Season Plan” to help those of you training to a race on a compressed timeframe. Each plan is delivered as a…

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Florida 2010: Endurance Nation ReCap

The following is a quick recap from IM Florida 2010 by Coach Patrick. This will become a full report later this week, as we add podcast interviews and more photos. For now you can see our pictures online via SmugMug and learn more about the weekend by cruising the official EN vs Ironman Florida site. If you like the vibe and want to explore Team EN, please become an ENFan, get a FREE Four Keys DVD and a link to create a free Five Day Trial and save $30/month on EN membership!!

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