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Podcast: Live Interview with VASA

Join Mariah from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week we interview the CEO and Founder of the  Vasa Swim Ergometer, Rob Sleamaker – to not only find out how he built such a wonderful fitness tool but also the many uses for the Vasa outside of swim fitness. Key Talking Points include:…

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Hiking Everest Base Camp – An Inside Look

Join Endurance Nation’s Marketing Director, Mariah Bridges, for podcast #661 as she virtually sits down with teammates Josh and Amber Church who recently climbed Everest Base Camp. We enjoyed a casual conversation between teammates as we discussed their endurance around the world travels as they discussed their trek.   Key Talking Points: Packing List Tips Everest Culture…

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Podcast: The Psychology of Endurance Mental Toughness

Join Endurance Nation’s Marketing Director, Mariah Bridges, for podcast #659 as she virtually sits down with Patrick Young – Ph.D.   Patrick is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant within the Association of Applied Sports Psychology with specializes in performance enhancement. Patrick spends his days helping individuals within NCAA Div l and ll and college athletes alike…

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Interview with Jeff Cornick and his father “Pops”

Join Mariah Bridges from Endurance Nation ( for our weekly endurance podcast. This week Mariah interviews Jeff Cornick and his father “Pops” Pops suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and came to a point where his symptoms were taking his ability to perform at the athletic level he was use to. Armed with the love of his son…

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Episode 636 Interviewing Taren Gesell of TriathlonTaren

  Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for a special interview podcast with Taren Gesell aka TriathlonTaren. An emerging social media force, Taren is as funny as he is fast. We had more than a few laughs talking about “going public” with one’s multisport obsession. The conversation ranged from Ironman to an epic marathon…

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EN Podcast

ENPodcast – 10Year – DominicMalleo

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This is a special Tenth Anniversary interview with Dominic Malleo, one of our original members who is still on the Team. Dominic has four kids, just babies when he started the triathlon game. Now things have settled down, Dom is back for another run at…

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Simon Shurey 2016 Ultraman Florida Interview & Resources

Join Coach Patrick as he interviews Endurance Nation athlete Simon Shurey. Simon just completed the Ultraman Florida event and he joins the podcast to review his race and share some of his insider tips and lessons learned, including… The importance of the right crew… How to handle nutrition and recovery across a 3-day event… What…

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Ambassador Spotlight- Juan Vergara

Ambassador Spotlight Juan Vergara Stats:  Town: Sao Paulo, Brazil Age Group: M 55-59 Twitter/Instagram Handle: @juanmvergara Endurance Nation invites you to take five minutes and read an interview with one of our most enthusiastic Ambassadors. Unedited, the road from beginner to Kona in less than 5 years is an interesting read. Connect with Juan on social media,…

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Ambassador Spotlight

  An Interview with Tom Box Endurance Nation Ambassador  EN: Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Tom: I work in Salem, Oregon as an anesthesiologist.  My very patient and loving wife supports me through the craziness of this sport. I have 2 sons, the oldest married with 2 foster children, a 16 month old and…

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