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Episode #648 – 10 Lessons Learned in 1 Ironman

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P dives into his race experience at Ironman® Mont Tremblant, pulling out the big lessons learned that made a huge difference on race day. – Read the [ full race report here]( – Listen to the [ pre-race podcast here]( – Share…

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The Four Keys of Race Execution | Sample EN's Updated Seminar

Ironman® Triathlon Execution Seminar: Lesson #1 — The Four Keys Over the past decade, we’ve developed a program of key elements to help guide our athletes to better performance and higher rates of success in the execution of their races. We’ve found that there are four elements that propel athletes forward, and they are based more…

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Easy is the New Hard: How to Manage Your Effort in your Next Ironman or

Road Goes Up…Road Comes Down — Switzerland Mountain Road by There are very few triathlon bike courses that are really truly difficult. I mean, like evil difficult…as though the race director is out to punish you. But that doesn’t stop the average triathlete from making most courses harder than they were intended to be.…

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Long Course Bike: It's Not About The Gain

It’s Not About the Gain It’s common for Ironman® athletes to “shop a bike course,” searching out information on the relative difficulty of bike courses and usually focusing on the total elevation gain. However, in our experience, elevation gain doesn’t tell the complete story about the relative difficulty of Ironman® bike courses. Rather, the primary…

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The Two Most Important Things That Aren't On Your Triathlon Packing List

Everyone spends the last couple days leading up to their big race scrambling to make sure they have everything they need. From running shoes to nutrition, from sunscreen to reservation details, there are a lot of moving parts that go into making a successful race weekend. But even the best checklist won’t include the two…

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