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EN Podcast #626 — 10 Year Anniversary Interview Series: Keith Wick

Join Coach Rich from Endurance Nation ( for another installment in our special 10 Year Anniversary Podcast Series. In this episode, Rich interviews Keith Wick. Keith has been with Endurance Nation from nearly the very beginning and they share some great insights on the growth and evolution of both the sport of triathlon and of…

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The EN Way: Set a Goal, Work the Process, and Be Accountable

Similar to achieving any lofty goal in any area of your life, reaching your triathlon potential requires you to: Set Both Big and Enabling Goals What exactly do you want to achieve on race day and, more importantly, what critical metrics, or enabling goals, do you need to hit beforehand to enable the achievement of…

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EN Podcast #624: How the Endurance Nation Team Coaching Model Destroys the One-on-One Coaching Silo

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach Rich explains the many, many weaknesses of the traditional, one-on-one triathlon coaching model. This model puts the Coach and Athlete into a silo that severely limits the potential of each party. The Coach has little incentive to innovate and the Athlete’s…

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Top Ten Triathlon Coaching Lessons from Endurance Nation

Our tenth year anniversary is a chance to reflect on some of the most important coaching choices we have made over the last decade. We are no strangers to controversy — what’s best for you might not be what’s popular — but our track record speaks for itself. Just like you review your previous year…

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Episode #622 — Ironman Arizona Race Report: Gary Lewis

  Join Coach Rich from Endurance Nation ( as he and TeamEN member Gary Lewis discuss his 1st time Ironman performance at Ironman Arizona! Subscribe here: Listen to it on iTunes. Listen to it on Stitcher. Stream by clicking here. Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as.” Thanks for listening to this Endurance…

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Ironman Arizona Race Report: Michael Collins, 1st M50-54

  Join Coach Rich from Endurance Nation ( as he and TeamEN member Michael Collins discuss his men’s 50-54 winning performance at Ironman Arizona! Mike is the owner of Multisport Orange County and a triathlon coach of over 20 years specializing in short course racing. Mike joined Endurance Nation to learn the long course distance in…

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EN “Teacher Workdays”

Endurance Nation “Teacher Workdays” While you may understand that a lot of hard work goes into being a triathlon coach, it is just as hard to keep a triathlon coaching business moving forward. In addition to the weekly team meetings we have inside Endurance Nation, we recently added what our Marketing Director, Mariah, affectionaly calls…

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