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Admin Team for BRC

Blue Ridge Camp 2016 — Day Three Beech Mountain or BSG 50

The day after the Mount Mitchell ride is always an interesting one. Some folks feel inspired and are ready to suffer…others just want to get out for a ride and not worry about climbing 10,000+ feet on the day. Calling super Admin Team!!! Being the super accommodating and incredibly attractive Camp Leaders that we are,…

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BRC Camp Photo

Blue Ridge Camp 2016 — Day Two to Mt Mitchell

The second day of our annual Blue Ridge Training Camp it is devoted entirely to the ascent of Mount Mitchell. Mt Mitchell is the highest point on the Eastern seaboard and represents an incredible achievement for a cyclist. But Blue Ridge Campers are anything but ordinary! Our campers “softened” their legs by climbing over 7,000…

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Pre Ride Coach Talk

Blue Ridge Camp 2016 – Day One Recap

Pre Ride Coach Talk The 2016 Blue Ridge Camp is on! Our fifth year in the Blue Ridge mountains promises to be epic — from custom jerseys to Snake Mountain and more than 15 returning campers…this was the real deal! We set off with one of our better first rides — 81 miles for the…

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2015 Blue Ridge Cycling Camp Day Three Recap: Beech Mountain

Day 3: Mast Gap Annex, Beech Mountain, Shulls Mill and even a Jagaround! After riding Mount Mitchell, it’s hard to find something that folks will still find epic. The answer? Shorten the ride to the suffering but work even harder! Beech Mountain is a three mile climb that averages around 9%. It so happened that…

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Blue Ridge Camp 2014 – Day Four Report

Preparing to Ride! After three solid days of riding and incredible weather, the group was torn. Some folks wanted to go ride one more mountain. Other folks wanted the safety of a simple out and back on the Parkway. And a handful of others wanted something off the Parkway but not insane. Sometimes you lead,…

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Blue Ridge Camp 2014 – Day One Report

Today was the first day of our annual Blue Ridge Cycling Camp. A pilgrimage to the warmer climates, this four-day camp is a chance to boost some critical bike fitness and prepare for a breakthrough season. This year we have 20 campers, and we are based out of Boone, N.C. We chose Boone for the…

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2013 Blue Ridge Cycling Camp Recap

So we started out planning for the 2013 camp about a week after the 2012 camp was done (note that we have already beaten that record this year, starting the morning of the last day to plan for 2014!), and we had several big changes in mind. I am pleased to say that with a…

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Blue Ridge Parkway Day Four Overview

  The fourth and final day of the 2012 BRP camp wasn’t that different than days one, two or three. This was due largely in part to the fact that we already rode this course yesterday. But the other part was just as easy to figure out: the roads were quiet and smooth; the views…

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Blue Ridge Parkway Camp: Day Three Overview

  After returning from Front Royal yesterday, today’s course is plotted along the Blue Ridge Parkway. “Only” 85 miles, this route has roughly the same amount of gain as the 104 miles route of the first two days, with one big difference: an 11.5 mile climb of 3300 feet! Breakfast started off just a little…

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