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Blue Ridge Parkway Day Four Overview

  The fourth and final day of the 2012 BRP camp wasn’t that different than days one, two or three. This was due largely in part to the fact that we already rode this course yesterday. But the other part was just as easy to figure out: the roads were quiet and smooth; the views…

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Blue Ridge Parkway Camp: Day Three Overview

  After returning from Front Royal yesterday, today’s course is plotted along the Blue Ridge Parkway. “Only” 85 miles, this route has roughly the same amount of gain as the 104 miles route of the first two days, with one big difference: an 11.5 mile climb of 3300 feet! Breakfast started off just a little…

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Blue Ridge Parkway Day Two Overview

 Blue Ridge Parkway Camp: Day Two Start   Today was the redux of yesterday’s 104-mile journey: Front Royal to RockFish Gap. Totals today included over 10,000 feet of gain, putting the two day total just shy of 20,000 feet of climbing.           The ride started off innocently enough, with clear skies…

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