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Food on Bike

Short Course Race Nutrition

Since race day nutrition is such a big part of Ironman racing, and because Ironman racing generates so much noise in the triathlon space, it’s difficult to find good guidance on how to fuel yourself for a short course triathlon. It’s not uncommon to see new triathletes in their first short course races racking their bikes with 4 bottles of sports drink and 10 gels taped to the top tube — bringing an Ironman nutrition plan to a short course triathlon.

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Season Planning for the First Time Ironman

This is an excerpt of the first chapter of Endurance Nation’s upcoming eBook for first time Ironman® competitors. The book will be released to subscribers of the Endurance Nation Weekly Update newsletter in early March, 2014. Sign up for the newsletter using the form below to receive your free copy of the eBook.  So you’ve…

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The TeamEN Web Platform

You probably know that TeamEN is a team of over 500 half and full Ironman® triathletes. You probably know that we sell training plans and use these plans to coach our athletes. And you likely know that we’ve created a ton of content — videos, podcasts, training articles, etc — to support all of this.…

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Beginner Triathlon: Avoid These Five Mistakes

Triathlon’s popularity has exploded in recent years. From single-sport athletes looking for a new challenge, to non-athletes interesting in using the sport as a vehicle for lifestyle change, every race sees first timers standing at the starting line next to veterans with years of tri-experience.

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