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Power Clinic Questions

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I recently did a presentation about Training and Racing Power at the TriFitLab run by TTBikeFit.com It was a good presentation (I’ve done better), but what always interests me is not what I do or whom I’m speaking with but the questions that come from the audience. Instead of leaving those answers information at the clinic with the 35 folks who attended, I want to post answers here in a space where everyone can learn from them.

Coach Rich St. George Scouting Report

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I spent this past weekend on the St. George course, training and recon-ing the event with some TeamEN athletes. Well worth the long drive from…

2010 Lake Placid Sweepstakes: Win A Race Kit or Free Training Plan

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Endurance Nation wants to give you FREE stuff, including a Platinum-Level training plan ($269 value!) during our IMUSA training plan sale this week, March 2nd through 7th, 2010.

Lake Placid Racing Tip Sheet & Plan Sale

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Bike Smart…Run Happy! Attention Lake Placid Athletes — You have T-minus 21 weeks until race day! But don’t panic, Endurance Nation is here to help!…