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Wisconsin Tri-Rally 2010: Coach's Epilogue

150 150 Coach P

I’ve been a busy doode since May 1. My travel itinerary: Attended St. George to coach our Team and deliver our Four Keys Talk to…

Report: Wisconsin Tri-Rally 2010

150 150 Rich Strauss

By all accounts, our Ironman® Wisconsin Tri-Rally was a huge success! Coach Rich was joined by 60-70 athletes for a FREE training weekend on the…

Training with Power, Now Available for All Triathletes

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photo credit: mitsukuni Ed Note: This post is about the broader concept of training with power, and doesn’t include specifics on the application of power…

Wisconsin Tri-Rally 2010: Preview

150 150 Coach P

This weekend we offer the Ironman community an opportunity to train and learn on the Ironman Wisconsin course under the guidance of Endurance Nation coach Rich Strauss. Rich will be on hand to lead the weekend for over 100 (!) athletes.