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Finding Your Triathlon DNA

Triathlon is an incredibly socially-motivated sport. The values and input of our peers play a significant role in terms of how we as triathletes train and race…almost to a fault. There’s nothing wrong with trying to keep up with Mr. or Mrs. Jones, but if you are going to be a successful triathlete, you’ll need to find your own path.

Long Course Coach Q & A Session #2: Adding A Big Triathlon Week into a Half Ironman plan

Any advice appreciated. Managed to snag week in majorca, have bike but wifi in hotel screwed, hence email from phone. Can’t access training plan + want to adapt it – on wk8 of 12 adv Half Iron plan – l raced a HIM on sunday, lost 2 days traveling, just done 1 hour wetsuit sea swim (resort on beach) – have good running plus great riding scope. Within 5 miles of a 4 mile climb (never get this at home!), can ride lumpy, mountain or flat terrain here – roadie heaven!!

Long Course Coach Q & A Session #1

We get email and Twitter questions regarding our training plans all the time. We strive to answer each one, and it occurred to us that maybe sharing this information could be good for other self-coached triathletes out there. Enjoy!

TOC Camp Stage 1: Nevada City to Sacramento

We left the city of Grass Valley at about 8am, off to find the KOM on the other side of Auburn and then “cruise” downhill to just outside Sacramento. What looked like a simple stage turned out to be quite difficult…but we all made the most of it and had fun despite the pain!