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Couer d'Alene Racing Tip Sheet & Plan Sale

You have T-minus 12 weeks until race day! But don’t panic, Endurance Nation is here to help! We’ve created the ultimate Ironman CDA training package designed to prepare you physically and mentally for your race. Purchasing an Ironman CDA Training Plan allows you to tap into the collective Endurance Nation experience, knowledge and race-weekend mojo.

Monthly Triathlete Testimonials: February 2010

Every month we collect the testimonials and feedback from our member athletes and training plan users. We are laser-focused on delivering great training plans, and listening to what our folks have to say is a huge part of how we do business.

Women of EN: Marianne Park

Marianne is an EN OG (Original Gangsta), having attended Rich’s Ironman Louisville camp in June 2007, and then joining EN from the very beginning. She is THE EN Denmother and the Don of the EN Arkansas Mafia.