Endurance Nation Triathlon Rallies – 3 Days of Training and Coaching for $25!!

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Endurance Nation is pleased to present our second annual series of Triathlon Rallies for the 2011 season. This year, our signature weekend training camps will be held on the Ironman® Texas, USA, and Wisconsin courses.

Each Rally consists of three days of training and discussion with the coaches to prepare the attendees for their event and are open to the public; in 2010 more than 200 athletes attended our Lake Placid and Madison events…we hope to double that number this year.

Rally Schedule:

  • Thursday evening: Registration and Four Keys of Ironman® Execution: IMTX, USA, or WI versions
  • Friday:
    • AM: Race rehearsal brick on the bike and run courses, applying the lessons you learned Thursday evening.
    • PM: Advanced Race Execution Skills: bike fit, proper bike setup for race day, gearing, nutrition, transition tips and more
  • Saturday:
    • AM: repeat of race rehearsal ride or similar session on the bike course.
    • PM: Ironman® Training for Age Group Triathletes: the coaches will share with you the lessons and tools they’ve learned from nearly 20 years of coaching Ironman® age group triathletes.
    • Camp Dinner (optional): a great way to wrap up the camp with a fun social event.
  • Sunday:
    • Long run on the course
    • Final QnA with the coaches

The cost of each weekend is just $25, which gets you a sharp t-shirt, with the remainder being donated to a local charity on behalf of the endurance community.  Endurance Nation makes $0 off the camps.

Why are the Triathlon Rallies mostly free?
We are committed to building stronger, faster, smarter, well-balanced age group triathletes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional one-on-one coaching. Expensive, exclusive Ironman® training camps are just not compatible with our mission statement. Instead, it’s just more fun, and the right thing to do, to leverage our experience (8 x camps in the IMUSA course, 7 x on IMWI) and create fun, challenging, and informative training weekends for EVERYONE.

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