IMUSA Tri-Rally, Day 1: Race Rehearsal

150 150 Rich Strauss

Campers prepare to apply the Four Keys to the IMUSA course

Over 40 campers met in the parking lot of High Peaks Cyclery to conduct a race rehearsal ride on the IMUSA course, armed with Rich’s instructions and the Four Keys guidance from the night before.  Rich instructed everyone to ignore everyone, especially in the first 8 miles to the Keene downhill, and ride their ride, just as they would on race day. Rich then started last, drilled it towards the front of the field, making observations and taking mental notes for his talk that evening. It was very instructive to witness the different riding styles and discipline on the course.

Derrick and Chris riding back into Lake Placid

Dominic Malleo, a 3yr veteran of TeamEN, dialing in his mojo 2wks before he races Coeur d'Alene

Rich's Ergomo display after the ride. >4000 cals burned = #ineedasammich

The campers next met at the Northwoods in for Rich’s observations of their rides and to deliver more detailed Ironman® racing guidance. Topics discussed:

  • IMUSA gearing recommendations
  • Descending skills
  • Cornering and bike handling
  • Bike fit and position principles
  • Aerowheel selection
  • Hydration systems and proper placement for max benefit
  • Shifting on hilly courses
  • Race day nutrition
  • When to/not to stand on the bike
  • Stretching on the bike

Finally, over 30 campers attended the dinner downstairs, creating more friendships, memories, and receiving a Four Keys DVD and Fuel Belt metal water bottle.

Next Up: Day 2, Epic Ride to Lake Champlain!

Please join us for our next FREE Tri-Rally, on the Ironman® Wisconsin course next month!

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