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Top Five Inspirational Triathlon Videos [For Emergency Use Only]

We all hit a point in our season where the work we’re doing seems like, well, WORK. It’s a grind. Getting better isn’t easy. Getting incrementally better can almost feel moving in slow motion. Improvement isn’t linear. Consistency rules. Racing helps, but regardless y0u still need to train. To help you keep things going, here’s…

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2014 Ironman St. George In Pictures

Coach Rich made the trek to Utah for Ironman® 70.3® St. George this past weekend, helping guide Team EN athletes to the finish line. Here are just a few of the images he managed to capture along the way. Make sure you check out the videos too, where Team member Jen describes crossing the course,…

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2013 Blue Ridge Cycling Camp Recap

So we started out planning for the 2013 camp about a week after the 2012 camp was done (note that we have already beaten that record this year, starting the morning of the last day to plan for 2014!), and we had several big changes in mind. I am pleased to say that with a…

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