How to Zwift to Endurance Success – EN Edition

How to Zwift to Endurance Success (Buckle up, this is a long resource) Maybe you’ve seen it online. Maybe you’ve seen it in your Strava feed… Your friends training on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific. You’ve seen new records and new challenges. And you can’t help noticing that your friends are biking a…

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Why Picking A Single Sport is Your Fastest Path to Triathlon Excellence

The most precious and scarce resource of the busy age group triathlete is time. As coaches exclusively of age group triathletes, just like you, we are actually time investment managers. We are charged with maximizing the return on race day of our athletes’ time investments across the season. We continually ask ourselves these three key…

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Considerations for Changing Your Triathlon Distance Focus

This is the time of year when triathletes assess their season and begin to choose their races for next season. Many triathletes decide to change their triathlon distance focus moving, for example, from focusing on short course races to trying their hand at the 70.3 distance, or making the jump from the half Ironman distance…

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Five Tips for Short Course Triathletes

On March 1st we will launch a brand new suite of Short Course training plans. In late March we plan to recruit a small squad of short course athletes to help us create a space on our team to meet their Short Course needs. Over the next few months TeamEN will work to expand our training plans, guidance, and Team mojo into the Short Course triathlon space.

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Food on Bike

Short Course Race Nutrition

Since race day nutrition is such a big part of Ironman racing, and because Ironman racing generates so much noise in the triathlon space, it’s difficult to find good guidance on how to fuel yourself for a short course triathlon. It’s not uncommon to see new triathletes in their first short course races racking their bikes with 4 bottles of sports drink and 10 gels taped to the top tube — bringing an Ironman nutrition plan to a short course triathlon.

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Google Calendar

Beginner Ironman – Section 1.3 – Technology Tips

This article is part of a new beginner’s series. Click here to find more articles from this series. No talk about your budget is complete without discussing technology. The concept of technology for training has really evolved in the last decade. Way back in the day you were lucky to have a bicycle computer that…

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Triathletes: Stop Base Training

“Base Training” is a common theme in the triathlon world, especially in the November through about March time frame. This is how the season of most triathletes shakes out: After their final races of the year, triathletes often take a significant time away from training, losing a great deal of that end-of-season fitness. Improving or…

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Three Technique Cues to Improve Your Triathlon Swimming

I like to think of swimming technique as being comprised of three broad categories: Horizontal Body Position: think of your body as a horizontal tube moving through the water. You want this tube to be long and with the smallest diameter possible, ie, punching a very small hole through the water with nothing sticking out…

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Five Triathlon Season Planning Tips from Endurance Nation

I’m the “Season Planning Coach” on the team, responsible for outlining the training of our athletes depending on the flow of their races across the year. As such, I’m frequently mentoring our athletes on proper selection of races and giving them a macro view of their race calendar. Below are my tips for you, to…

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