Short Course

TriSports Staff

Must Have Gear for Your First Triathlon

I recently did a podcast on the gear required to go from JV to Varsity level as a triathlete. As many of you pointed out, beginner triathletes could also use some help! Never fear…I broke out the Endurance Nation Time Machine to take myself back to 1999…the year of my first triathlon (I’ll spare you…

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Short Course Triathlon Series, Part I: Training Fundamentals

Welcome to the Endurance Nation Short Course Triathlon Series, created to support our 2017 Short Course Triathlon Training Plans. These 12 week Short Course Triathlon Training Plans are FREE for a limited time! Go here to learn more and gain instant access to your training plan today! In this first installment of the series, we’ll…

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Five Tips for Short Course Triathletes

On March 1st we will launch a brand new suite of Short Course training plans. In late March we plan to recruit a small squad of short course athletes to help us create a space on our team to meet their Short Course needs. Over the next few months TeamEN will work to expand our training plans, guidance, and Team mojo into the Short Course triathlon space.

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Food on Bike

Short Course Race Nutrition

Since race day nutrition is such a big part of Ironman racing, and because Ironman racing generates so much noise in the triathlon space, it’s difficult to find good guidance on how to fuel yourself for a short course triathlon. It’s not uncommon to see new triathletes in their first short course races racking their bikes with 4 bottles of sports drink and 10 gels taped to the top tube — bringing an Ironman nutrition plan to a short course triathlon.

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NEW Short Course Triathlon Training Plans, on Sale thru March 31st

Endurance Nation is 4 years old, growing from 80 athletes in 2007 to over 600 athletes today. We primarily focus on the long course distances of Half and Full Ironman events. Over half of our athletes have been with us for 3+ years, and we’ve seen their endurance racing goals evolve as their interests have changed. More and more of our squad have chosen to focus on short course triathlons this year.

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