Team EN vs Boston Marathon 2010

We had several “official” Team EN members take on the Boston Marathon this year. This is despite our annual push to get folks not to run a marathon in your training — for some the siren call of Boston is too strong to resist! The runners had a great day, with perfect temps and perhaps…

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Running a Faster Long Course Marathon, Part II: Running Faster

Let’s begin by breaking the topic down into two major components: Running Potential and Running Success. Running Potential: “What CAN I run on race day, given current fitness, training, etc?” The best predictor of Running Potential on race day is your VDot score. Running Success: “Given my running potential, what WILL I run on race…

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Running a Faster Long Course Marathon, Part I: Introduction

Coach Rich at Coeur d’Alene'08 The Ironman® run course is where PR hopes and dreams go to die a painful death. The course is littered with the bodies of very fit people who’ve done all the right training, or so they think, but who slow down dramatically on the run. In our opinion, traditional Ironman®…

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