Race Execution

Broken Fork

So You DNF’d — Now What?

Image Courtesy of Buster Carbon Not finishing your target race of the season can be a massive blow to your endurance ego. Your ego doesn’t care how you DNF’d; it only knows that you failed. For days, weeks, and months you have built the fitness and the expectation that you would achieve your finish line. Now what? It’s time to make…

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Beach Swim Start

Twin Peaks: Getting Fast In Your Final Race of the Season

The last race of your year represents an opportunity for you to redeem yourself or to confirm that you are truly awesome. Don’t put any undue pressure on yourself other than making sure that you’re doing everything possible to have your best race. You have lessons learned from earlier races and a good sense of…

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Four Keys of Long Course Triathlon Bike Execution

While the Ironman World Championships in Kona are in just a few days, there’s still a lot of long course racing left on the calendar. These are our Four Keys of Long Course Triathlon Bike Execution, to help you get your mind right about how to ride the long course bike> The Delta Isn’t as…

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2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Tips

Racing 140.6 miles is too big of a problem to solve through fitness alone. Rather, it’s an exercising in making smart decisions as you efficiently drive your fitness vehicle around the course. Therefore, the more difficult races are the ones that force you to make frequent decisions on terrain on which making poor decisions can…

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Actions in the First Third of the Ironman Bike and Run

Did you know that after months and months of training, blood sweat, and tears, and thousands of dollars invested in equipment and travel to your race, you’re most likely to trash it all in the first 30 miles of the bike and 8 miles of the run? In this post I’ll explain why and what…

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Five Ways Triathletes Can Beat the Unknown on Race Week

[box]Brought to you by our latest free resource, the Ultimate PreRace Checklist. This nine-page, print-and-use guide covers everything you need to do from the minute you arrive on through the starting gun. Don’t re-invent the wheel — let our proven checklist do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what will make your…

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