Ironman NYC Race Report: Joel Bell, 9:38, 5th AG, Kona!

Joel Bell at Ironman® New York City   This was my 3rd IM – Florida 2007 (9:34), IMCdA 2009 (10:05), IMNYC 2012 (9:38).  In Florida I was satisfied with my swim and bike but learned an important lesson on the run.  At CdA I screwed up my bike pacing and ended up leaving time out…

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Ironman NYC Race Report: Jessica Withrow

Jessica Withrow, you are an IRONMAN! It’s pretty obvious that the more time spend immersed in triathlon, the more I realize there are a lot of tri adages out there. So, tri adages. “Never try anything new on race day.” “Control the things you can, let go of the things you can’t.” They all exist…

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