Triathlon 2.0 Introduction and Intent: A "Triathlon 2.0" eBook Excerpt

To give you a little taste of what’s to come, we’re releasing a few chapters from our upcoming eBook, Triathlon 2.0: Building a Proper Season. Last time, we released the chapter Manage Intensity, Not Volume; today, we want to explain to you the purpose this ebook will serve to you as an Age Group triathlete. Read this chapter…

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Triathlon 2.0 ebook. Coming Soon, Free from Endurance Nation

One of the guiding philosophies behind Endurance Nation is that we think of the team as an educational organization as much as a coaching organization. With that thought in mind, we developed what we consider a new way of thinking about triathlon training. We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of Triathlon 2.0: Building a Proper…

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Manage Intensity, Not Volume: A "Triathlon 2.0" eBook Excerpt

We were thinking, it’d be a great idea to give you a taste of what’s coming up in our new eBook, Triathlon 2.0: Building a Proper Season. To whet your appetite, we’ll be putting out a chapter a week for the next few weeks, right here on the Endurance Nation Blog. Of course, there is…

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