Paul Hough at 70.3® Worlds

The Year of the Half (Get Stronger, Faster and Have More Fun)

The Half Iron distance is the most underrated event in the triathlon world. There’s a gap between what beginners do at the Sprint and Olympic distance level, and then what the most advanced folks do at the Ironman® level. The 70.3®  distance falls right in between these two and is often overlooked. In this blog post, I’ll cover…

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Bike Aid Station

An Open Letter To The First Time Half Iron Triathlete

Congratulations on your about-to-happen first Half Iron! This probably represents a significant lead for you in terms of what your race day experience will be. Until now you’ve done shorter races like sprints and Olympic distance events. These are fun and exciting and challenging. But they don’t measure up to what the half distance truly is. In…

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2016 Rev3Quassy Race Recap

With early June upon us, it was time for another annual pilgrimage to Middlebury CT for Rev3Quassy. Part of the local triathlon scene since 2009, Quassy has been putting the hurt on triathletes for years. And 2016 was no exception! Despite the photo, more than 30 Team Endurance Nation athletes were on hand to experience…

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Rev3 Quassy Race Report: Darren Freeman, 45' PR!

REV3 Quassy 2014 Half Race Report Name: Darren Freeman Age Group: M40-44 Race Date: June 1st, 2014 First Triathlon: May 2012 Years with EN: 2             Race Goals: When racing, I like to establish several goals for my events so that I can measure myself against what I can do…

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2014 Ironman St. George In Pictures

Coach Rich made the trek to Utah for Ironman® 70.3® St. George this past weekend, helping guide Team EN athletes to the finish line. Here are just a few of the images he managed to capture along the way. Make sure you check out the videos too, where Team member Jen describes crossing the course,…

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Half Long Course Triathlon Training Plan Breakdown [Videos]

With the growth and popularity of Ironman, the 70.3® distance (aka the Half Iron) has become the default race of choice for the vast majority of triathletes. For beginners, the Half Ironman® distance is enough of a stretch to make the event a real milestone. For advanced athletes, a Half Iron is a great pre-Ironman® event…

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Ironman San Juan Race Report — Bart Stevens

  Results: 5:39:44 (Swim: 38:33; Bike: 2:35; Run: 2:17) Race Photos (Personal) On March 17, 2013, I participated in the third running of Ironman® San Juan. While I had (another!) disappointing performance, I enjoyed the experience immensely and highly recommend the addition (and prioritization) of this beautiful, challenging race to the bucket list of any long-course…

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Racing a Half Ironman Before a Full Ironman

Endurance Nation at Ironman® Racine 70.3   “Should I race a half Ironman® before my full Ironman?” I am asked this question very frequently, as the Endurance Nation coach responsible for planning the seasons of every one of our members and trial members, outlining their movement through our training plans across their race calendar. The…

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