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What IS January Volume Camp?

A triathlon specific winter camp to add strategic volume to your training. These volume “pops” can dramatically improve your current season. Swimming Biking and Running all with Coach Patrick and other campers brings your winter training to the next level and puts your goals within your reach (and your competition in the dust)

Day in the life of a JVC camper:

Day One Recap

Start the day with a swim at the National Training Center, then of course a bike ride through Clermont and ending with an optional brick run to shake out the legs.

Day Two Recap

All about that bike, bout that bike, no swimming! Putting in the miles and memories through beautiful sunny Florida!

Day Three Recap

Another full day of swim, bike and optional brick run (and an amazing dinner by Kenny’s BBQ, the cobbler alone is worth signing up for camp)

Day Four Recap

One of the most beautiful run moments of your life, guaranteed! Through a Clermont Florida gem, a clay trail through winding orange tree farms. A not to miss event!

Final JVC Camp Photo

Nothing says January Volume Camp Like Training In Shorts Baby!

Sign me up Coach!

Registere Here for 2017 camp, spots are limited. We are excited to have you join us as every year gets better! Amazing sponsorship swag, one on one time with coach and we promise, THE best peach cobbler EVER!



Swim Tips from Coach Patrick @ the National Training Center!


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