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Rich Strauss

2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Race Report: Shaughn Simmons

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A very, very good day.  Fantastic weather, challenging course, incredible team mojo and support, EN staff onsite (Coach R and Mariah) nailing the 4 keys and every other aspect of the race weekend, I was healthy, not injured and my fitness level was very good,……….. I mean, how many things can a person have going…

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Long Term Triathlon Success: Build vs Rebuild

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Inside Endurance Nation, your first step of the season is to submit your races for a Triathlon Season Roadmap™ — TeamEN athletes submit their race schedule, or ask for race planning advice to meet their season goals. This  details for them how to stack our training plans across their season, given their race schedule. The…

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Ventum One

Review: Ventum One

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The Endurance Nation team is busy building a “Ventum Army” as the fever has caught on with Ventum One. Myself and the recent teammates have joined the movement and are coming to Ventum from a variety of triathlon bikes: Trek Speed Concept, Cervelo P5’s, Dimond, Felt, Specialized and others. This review is based on my and their…

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2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Coach’s Recap

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  Endurance Nation fielded nearly 50 athletes for the 2016 running of Ironman® Wisconsin, perhaps our biggest showing at this event. Coach Rich Strauss and Mariah Bridges were on hand to create our signature race weekend experience for our athletes and their families, and this is a recap of the weekend. Thursday — Team Dinner Thursday evening over…

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2016 Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report: Dawn Cass, 5th W40-44, 11′ PR!

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Bit of Philosophy:  Ironman obviously tests your physical abilities, however, when thrown some additional challenges you really need to dig inside yourself mentally.  Do you have the perseverance and attitude to get through?  I actually think anyone could do the race…as long as your head is in the right place.  If your head and mindset…

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2016 Ironman® Mont Tremblant Race Report: Jennifer Eckert, 1st W60-64, Kona!

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I went into this race saying it was my redemption race.  I didn’t finish Tahoe 2013 due to a crash that resulted in a broken collar bone and torn up shoulder, resulting in surgery.  I just wanted to finish and have fun and then ease back a bit and do some different stuff.  I even…

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Free / Cheap Cycling Speed Opportunities for Long Course Triathletes

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  We know you’ve done tons and tons of work to build a bigger engine, YOU, to power your bicycle. But did you know there are many small tweaks and changes you can make to your setup that will yield free speed on the bike? Well, it’s free in the sense that you don’t have…

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2016 IRONMAN® Vineman Race Report: Josiah Garrison, 45′ PR!

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I’ve been racing long course triathlon and training with EN for the past 2 1/2 years. Vineman was my second full IM, my first was IMAZ ’14. I’ve also done two 70.3’s. Training started out slowly in 2016. I followed first the OS, then Get Faster EN plans from Nov – March. The intensity work didn’t…

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Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race Report: Scott Dinhofer

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Endurance Nation athletes are united in their commitment to living a fitness lifestyle through endurance sports. The most frequent expression of that commitment is typically long course triathlon training and racing, but our athletes often step outside of this box to seek different challenges. Three weeks after racing Ironman Lake Placid, and only about 5-6…

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2016 Ironman® Wisconsin Tips

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Racing 140.6 miles is too big of a problem to solve through fitness alone. Rather, it’s an exercising in making smart decisions as you efficiently drive your fitness vehicle around the course. Therefore, the more difficult races are the ones that force you to make frequent decisions on terrain on which making poor decisions can…

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