Half Long Course Triathlon Training Plan Breakdown [Videos]

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70.3® Beginner Cover SheetWith the growth and popularity of Ironman, the 70.3® distance (aka the Half Iron) has become the default race of choice for the vast majority of triathletes. For beginners, the Half Ironman® distance is enough of a stretch to make the event a real milestone. For advanced athletes, a Half Iron is a great pre-Ironman® event — all of the speed without the massive distance required by the full monty. Given this broad swath of ability, Endurance Nation has crafted our Half Iron training plans with unusual detail and specificity.

We are pleased to release our 12th edition plans; which continue the trend of quality, focused training for real-world athletes.

As is true with all our plans, the focus on quality means zero wasted training time: every session has a purpose. And the time commitment scales by ability to make sure that you are only investing as much time as your goals require.


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Half IronmanTriathlon Training Plan Overview with Coach Patrick

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“Started triathlons last June. Never rode or ran. Today, 14 months later, I woke up at home an Ironman. I want give a huge thank you to Coaches Patrick and Rich, the EN process, and the whole EN team.”   ~ Craig DiAngelo

Changes for our 2014 Half Ironman® Plans

We made quite a few changes in preparation for the upcoming season…hope you enjoy them!


  • Adjusted the volumes of selected workouts, across all plans, downward a bit.


  • Removed “ON/OFF” guidance for bike Vo2 workouts and replaced with easier to understand and implement guidance.
  • Replaced some FTP time with sub Vo2 intervals, similar to the OutSeason® plan.
  • Tweaked the volume of some of the weekend rides.


Advanced Plan

  • Made second runs weeks 1-8 more race pace specific.
  • Made second runs weeks 9-19 of progressive intensity.
  • Removed hill runs on Fridays.
  • Added 1 mile @ z4/TP/Hard effort on Saturday and Sunday runs.

Intermediate Plan:

  • Reduced FTP run duration and modified main set intensity down from the Advanced levels.
  • Reduced duration of long run down from the Advanced levels.
  • Converted weekend Second Runs into more manageable repeats.

“This has been an amazing season for me, thanks to EN and some hard work!  I wanted to use 2013 as a short course year to focus on getting faster before moving back up to the IM distance.  The coaches put together a season training plan to help get me there and I’ve had a PR at every race! ”  ~ Kim DuBord  

Comparison of our Half Ironman® Triathlon Plans

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