The Half Long Course Seminar

Are You Ready to Step to the Front of the Line?

Rich and Patrick have a combined 20+ years of Half Ironman® Triathlon Coaching Experience.

In only four years, Endurance Nation has grown from 80 to over 500 athletes, with 15-25 athletes racing major half Ironmans in North America.

Our ranks include age group winners and podium finishers.

Endurance Nation KNOWS Half Ironman® and we want to teach it to you, bringing you several years up the learning curve!

Half Ironman® Training Virtual Seminar

In this four-part virtual seminar, we’ll teach you how we build the most effective age-group triathlon training protocols on the planet. From defining an annual schedule to building a basic week, we’ll instruct you on how to make the most of your fitness and build your best possible season. You’ll receive eBook resources as well as a discount on our training plans.

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Five Common Mistakes Made by Half Ironman® Athletes
Rich and Patrick share with you the mistakes they see half Ironman® athletes make time after time — mistakes they will show you how to avoid in the remaining lessons

Lesson 2: Introduction to EN — ROI, Work, and Season Planning
In this first lesson we’ll introduce you to the concept of fitness as the ability to perform work. Next, we’ll give your job description, as a Time Investment Manager (self-coached athlete), and finally describe how we suggest you lay out your Half Ironman® season.

Lesson 3: The Basic Week
Next, we’ll introduce you to the Basic Week, the template training week you’ll use to effectively and efficiently manage your training throughout your cycle.

Lesson 4: Race Scheduling for Half Ironman® Races
In this lesson we’ll discuss how and where to schedule races and big training weeks. We’ll also provide you with proven tools to adjust your training schedule to accommodate A, B, and C priority races.

Lesson 5: Common Half Ironman® Training Pitfalls and Race Execution
In this final lesson, we’ll teach you how to avoid the training mistakes we’ve seen too many triathletes make. We’ll also introduce you to our thoughts on race execution.

Participants Receive:

Five individual emails, each containing one part of the seminar.
Five FREE bonus items, including limited edition eBooks & guidance..
10% discount code for any EN training plan.

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