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2015 Blue Ridge Cycling Camp Day Three Recap: Beech Mountain

02 May

Day 3: Mast Gap Annex, Beech Mountain, Shulls Mill and even a Jagaround! After riding Mount Mitchell, it’s hard to find something that folks will still find epic. The answer? Shorten the ride to the suffering but work even harder! Beech Mountain is a three mile climb that averages around 9%. It so happened that […]

The Four Keys of Race Execution | Sample EN’s Updated Seminar

12 June

Ironman® Triathlon Execution Seminar: Lesson #1 — The Four Keys Over the past decade, we’ve developed a program of key elements to help guide our athletes to better performance and higher rates of success in the execution of their races. We’ve found that there are four elements that propel athletes forward, and they are based more […]

Four Reasons Why Team Endurance Nation is Closed Until January 2013 (And How You Can Sneak In)

11 October

Over the course of our recent two-week membership drive, well over two hundred athletes created a free trial inside Endurance Nation. That’s a ton of new folks, but it’s a ton of real work as well. That means two hundred phone calls by me, Coach Patrick, and two hundred season plans by Coach Rich. Don’t […]

Fatigue, FTP, & Your Final Weeks

05 July

There are two very important questions that you, as an Ironman athlete, have to be ready to answer about your bike fitness heading into the final eight weeks of your Ironman or Half Ironman training cycle. First you have to know what your Functional Threshold Power (link?) is, or at least the Heart Rate equivalent. Second, you have to be able to give a resounding “YES!” answer as to whether or not you have done all of your bike workouts, especially the longer sessions.

Assessing Your Long Course Race Using the Four Keys Approach

02 August

Endurance Nation has been promoting its Four Keys of Ironman Execution for several years now. Our macro level approach to organizing your expectations and managing your day has proven successful for thousands of Ironman athletes across the globe. We get e-mails and feedback all the time, and nowhere is the success of the system more apparent than at the finish line. Learn how you can use the same approach to evaluate your race and find out how you truly performed outside of the finishing time.

Team EN vs Multisport Expo (Boston) 2010

21 March

March 20th was the 2010 Boston Multisport World Expo, an annual event on the N.E. triathlon calendar. Team Endurance Nation was there in full force, with a booth manned by some of our most stalwart members, a presentation on Race Execution by Coach Patrick (over 60 folks there!), free DVDs in every schwag bag (1,000 total!), and a dominating performance in the 12:15 cycling TT (see video below).