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Ironman® Lake Placid: The Complete Race Breakdown — an Article by Endurance Nation

21 July

If you’re new to Endurance Nation, please take a quick tour of how we help Age Groupers excel. Download a free resource or subscribe to our weekly triathlon newsletter. Thanks for visiting! ~ Patrick & RichEndurance Nation has a long history on the Ironman® Lake Placid course: Coach Patrick has raced the event seven times, qualifying […]

Mont Tremblant Training Camp Recap

14 July

  Another year, another new training camp. This weekend saw the Team in beautiful Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada to prepare for the full-distance triathlon, the 2014 Ironman® ® Mont Tremblant.  You can learn more about our training camps on the official Endurance Nation Camps Page. Day One: Bike 112 Miles, Run 6 Miles The goal of […]

2014 Couer d’Alene Race Report & Podcast: Al Truscott, EN’s Resident Storyteller with a tale from CDA

11 July

“Wow – look at the lake. What if the race had been today?” We’d just come out of Calypso’s Coffee, early on post-race Monday after my 10th Ironman® in Coeur ‘Alene, and Cheryl was reveling in the clear skies and warm gentle breeze blowing across the water. “Yeah, no chop or whitecaps all right. But […]