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Ironman Wisconsin: the Complete Race Breakdown, by Endurance Nation

24 August

If you’re new to Endurance Nation, please take a quick tour of how we help Age Groupers excel. Download a free resource or subscribe to our weekly triathlon newsletter. Thanks for visiting! ~ Patrick & RichEndurance Nation has a long history on the Ironman® Wisconsin course: Coach Rich raced the event in ’02, ’04, and ’11, […]

Post Mont Tremblant Transition: Moving On with the Rest of Your Season

26 August
The Sun Finally Comes Out in Mont Tremblant

2014 Ironman® Mont Tremblant will be remembered for the unusually cool temperatures all day and wind that dominated the bike! Team Endurance Nation will remember it as the day we had five, FIVE!, folks qualify for the World Championships in Kona. >> Please go here to read Coach Patrick’s Post-Race Report Now that Mont Tremblant is in […]

Long Course Triathlon Rules: Drafting, Blocking, Outside Assistance, and More [Video]

07 August

  Please read the blog post and watch the video below, as Coach Rich explains the rules and their practical application, from his experience as an long course triathlete, coaching, and having ridden motorcycle support for many Ironman® events. Note that the intent of this post isn’t not to replace a thorough read and understanding […]