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Training Plan Sale: Save 20% on NEW 2016 OutSeason Training Plans

25 November

Since 2005, OutSeason training has been at the core of the breakthrough triathlon performances we help our athletes achieve: After a brief transition period at the end of their season, TeamEN athletes turn towards making themselves faster 5k, 10, or half marathon runners and 40k time trial cyclists. We do this through relatively low volume, high […]

Run Durability Equipment

19 November

  Run Durability Webinar with Coach Patrick Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes (including Q&A) Access: Online Here Our recent article on the importance of run durability brought up several interesting follow-up questions from our readers and athletes. Outside of the usual implementation questions, there was a great deal of interest in and out to actually […]

TriSports.com & Endurance Nation

14 November

  Endurance Nation is proud to introduce our newest sponsor relationship– TriSports.com   One of the first online triathlon stores, TriSports has grown to become a cornerstone of the greater endurance community in Tucson, throughout the Internet and across the entire United States. If it’s for triathletes…it’s at TriSports! “We are thrilled to be working […]

The Run Durability Advantage — Building A Better Next Year by Running More This Year

27 October
Starting the 40 Miler!

  Run Durability Webinar with Coach Patrick Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes (including Q&A) Access: Online Here There are many reasons why building a solid foundation for your run fitness is the best thing you can do in the winter. In this article I’m going to cover most of them, however, my biggest goal is to make […]

Race Weekend Spotlight Oct 9-11 & Oct 16-18 2015

22 October
Ironman Training

  Ironman® Louisville: 1st Place, Division 1 with 46,507 points scored – special congratulations to: Jordan Marchewka 1st Ironman 11:31 Danielle Santucci 11:30 Jay Reville 1st Ironman 11:48 Stephan W Brunelle 11:45 with a 21 minute PR Paul Hough 11:41 Roy Ezell 12:48 Ironman® 70.3 Arizona Ironman® World Championship: – special congratulations to: Teri Cashmore 11:59 Tim Cronk 11:54 Doug Herr […]

Coach Patrick — What I Learned During the 2015 Triathlon Season

19 October
Finishing on Ali'i

The end of another year is a great chance to review all of our lessons learned…what worked, and what didn’t. As a coach and athlete, I pretty much test all manner of new training protocols on myself before recommenting them to our Endurance Nation athletes. The process of self-improvement is a large part of what […]

Race Weekend Spotlight: 9/25 – 9/27 2015

30 September
Ironman domination

Ironman® 70.3 Augusta: 3rd Place, Division 1 with 16,965 points scored Ironman® 70.3 SuperFrog: 2nd Place, Division 1 with 10,458 points scored Sheri DeVore 25 minute 70.3 PR Ironman® Chattanooga: 1st Place, Division 1 with 94,827 points scored – special congratulations to: Carol DeFazio 1st Place 65-69W  Kona Qualifying Spot Doug Johnson 38 minute Ironman PR 12 AG Emily Brinkley […]